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MHM Merge & Acquisition Services

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Corporate Financial Advisory

M&As are one of the most crucial decisions among any business journey, our experienced advisors will ease the matter through assisting our clients in adopting the most suitable growth strategy to achieve your business gaols.

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Business Valuation

the right numbers of your business valuation helps you in obtaining proper investment and identifying merge and acquisition deals ROI. At MHM we conduct business valuation including negotiation support, joint ventures valuation, and analysis of equity investment impact on business valuation.

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M&A Consultation

Our experts will assist you in deals execution, and mange high-profile transactions through extensive experience and analytical approaches in closing deals, and implementation of changes post-closing.

Our Approach

Our merge & acquisition implementation approaches will ensure the best deal for your business strategy and visions through:

  • Current situation analysis: our experts will help you identify the best fit deal for your business strategy and vision.

  • Deals evaluation: selecting the right deals to achieve your strategic objectives.

  • Deals execution: offering a full range of corporate financial advisory, valuation and SPA (sales and purchase) agreement advisory.

  • Post-close implementation: nothing is left to chance with our implementation approach, MHM experts conduct all necessary implementations of changes resulting from the merge or acquisition transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Merge refers to the combination of two separate entities to create a new joint organization, and acquisition refers to the takeover of one entity by another.

Corporates merge and acquisition can vary in the timeline to be completed, but the average is 6 months to a year depending on the size of legal transactions that should be conducted by both companies participating in the merge and acquisition.

The main advantage of merge and acquisition is the gained and control over the market.