Forensic & Fraud Audit

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What is in it for me?

Minimize Losses

Minimize and prevent unnecessary losses that might arise from fraud causes.

Efficiency Improvement

Our forensic audit helps you design the most efficient process and procedure for your financial activities.

Reputation Security

Building trust and transparency among all the stakeholders.

Overall Morale

organizations with high fraud profile suffers from low morale in their working environment hindering your business the sustainability and business growth.

Forensic & Fraud Audit services

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Anti-corruption Investigations

MHM guarantees conducting detailed anti-corruption investigation through the collection and analysis of documents and other material; the review of assets and premises of the organization; interviews of witnesses; and observations of the investigators.

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Asset Misappropriation

MHM asset misappropriation investigation includes financial statement and disclosure analysis, document review and data mining, data analysis and asset tracking.

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Damage Quantification

MHM will help you calculate the damages deprived from fraud causes.

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Financial Misrepresentation

Analysing your balance sheet and financial statements to identify financial misrepresentation cases and prove that fraudulent misrepresentation has occurred.

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Financial Investigations

Our team of experts will help you identify fraud and other types of financial crime, such as embezzlement, Ponzi schemes, money counterfeiting and insider trading.

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Anti-Fraud Programs

MHM will assist you build your internal anti-fraud program to prevent your organization from future fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions

A forensic audit/examination is designed to focus on reconstructing past financial transactions for a specific purpose, such as concerns of fraud, whereas an internal audit is typically focused more on compliance and/or the performance of the organization.

Yes, the forensic audit gives you an overview insight of fraud areas in your organizations, with MHM auditors you can build your anti-fraud system through a set of financial internal controls.