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Why MHM?

Laws Knowledge

There are many of laws regulating the business in UAE, such banking, corporates, investment, and Sharia Laws, At MHM we have extensive knowledge of those laws and its application on business transactions.

Practical Experience

With +10 years of experience in Court experts’ services, we have experienced many cases that enable us to master any financial disputes.


We have a team of experts specialized in disputes areas of real estate, banking, Islamic finance and more.


At MHM we strive to provide the best quality in our services through us or our external partners.

Types of Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

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Partnership Disputes

Clear liabilities and responsibilities are one of the most crucial elements in any partnership success. One of each ten businessmen prefer corporations or partnerships other than sole entity, with such huge demand for business partnerships. It is recommended to hire a lawyer for drafting your partnership agreement including responsibilities, duties, and liabilities of each partner towards the business. At MHM we provide a wide range of services in partnership dispute resolution starting from drafting partnerships contracts, designing exit strategies, and resolving disputes.

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Bankruptcy Attorney For Banking And Finance Dispute

Any business interacts with banks, which are regulated by the laws of the jurisdictions of the country where it is located. Therefore, banking and finance law is applied on any business or corporations. To avoid any disputes arising from transactions with bank such as loans or interests , each business owners should hire a lawyer to be in compliant with the regulating laws, such as filing bankruptcy to get good settlement with the banks for not being able to pay their dues.

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Real Estate Disputes

Purchasing properties like real estate raise certain problems with developers, such as lack of progress, delayed deliverables, hidden expenses. Therefore, a specialist lawyer in real estate would prevent you form any disputes by providing advices, these lawyers are aware of all RERA (The Real Estate Regulatory Authority) laws to ensure you have clarity in your real estate deals.

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Islamic Finance Disputes

Islamic finance is regulated by the Sharia law, which includes a list of investments that are allowed. Disputes in this area might also arise, regarding the payment of instalments, bounced cheques, default paying issues, credit card payment issues, terms, and conditions for transactions problems, etc. At MHM we provide you with the legal assistance needed way before a dispute happens to prevent you from wasting your resources in courts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Witness expert primer function is to assist the court in reaching its decision by providing independent expert/technical analysis and opinion on an issue(s), based on the information provided to him/her.

The court expert is needed when technical evidence and clarity is required to support your information, to enhance strength to a case.