Commitment to Quality

Its more than a priority to us, striving to deliver the highest level of quality standards is at the base of everything we do at MHM.

Our Team

MHM Audit and Assurance Team consists of multilingual Auditors, Assurance specialists, including Chartered Accountants, VAT Experts, Certified Fraud Examiners and Data Analysts based in the UAE.


We provide a wide array of accounting and audit solutions with latest practices that can be tailored to meet your needs, company size and business nature.


We make use of the most profound technological software on the market, providing quality and optimization by exploiting the efficiencies of industry standard tools and techniques.

What We Do

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Our Services

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One of the top audit firms in Dubai, offering a wide range of services in auditing and assurance.

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Maintain accurate financial records for your business with our accounting and bookkeeping services.

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Comply with UAE VAT regulations with our VAT experts.

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Liquidation / Inslovency

Rely on us for the perfect liquidation services, our professional team is expert in both forms of liquidation and Inslovency.

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Court Expert

Inquire your expert witness services for technicalities clarifications, we are a regulated expert by Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah Courts and prosecution.

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Protect your business and your brand with our trademark’s registration services.

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Merge & Acquisition

Evaluate your business and identify your growth opportunities with our merge & acquisition experts.






Years Of Experience

How We Work

how we work
Our working methodology creates A peace-minded journey to enjoy by our clients, starting from reviewing your goals, identifying the requirements, tailoring the solution as per your needs, and delivering in an efficient timeline with affordable costs.
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